Test Facility

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Radiology and Imaging Facilities

The Radiology and Imaging facilities deliver all the interventional imaging and diagnostic services read more

Laboratory Facilities

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas knows the importance of correct disease diagnoses. read more

Operation Theatre Facility

There is a wide range of surgical procedures performed in Lifecare Hospital Baniyas’ operation theatres. read more


One of the most commonly performed lung function tests is Spirometry. Lifecare Hospital Baniyas.. read more

In-Patient Facilities

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas understands the importance of delivering quality inpatient care services. read more

ICU Facilities

The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) serves as the backbone of hospitals. Lifecare Hospital Baniyas.. read more

Physiotherapy Facilities

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas has employed the best physiotherapists to help you overcome all read more

24 Hour Emergency Department

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas management fully understands the types of emergency situations. read more

24 Hour Pharmacy

In order to assist our patients, Lifecare Hospital Baniyas has a 24 hour pharmacy. We make .. read more


Lifecare Hospital Baniyas has some of the best specialists within the endoscopy field. read more


Our experienced and licensed audiologists ensure accurate diagnosis, assessment and treatment read more


Lifecare Hospital Baniyas offers various inpatient medical facilities to the patients. The daycare offers read more


Lithotripsy is a non-surgical procedure for the treatment of kidney stones. read more