Orthopedics department is responsible for treating problems related to muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Let Lifecare Hospital Baniyas orthopedic surgeons treat you for all orthopedic issues.

All arthritis patients do not necessarily need to have their joints replaced. Our orthopedics may also use non-surgical ways to resolve your pain. We perform surgeries for treating more serious arthritis problems related to knee, hip, shoulder and elbow. We also provide operative treatment for disc prolapse and other spine related problems. Our operation theatres are fully equipped to perform all types of orthopedic surgeries. We also provide operative treatment for disc prolapsed and spine problems.

When it comes to treating orthopedic patients, it requires a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals belonging to different medical specialties. Lifecare Hospital Baniyas has a team of specialist including primary care physicians, physiotherapists, care givers, nurses, and orthopedists to expertly handle even the most complex orthopedic cases.

We also offer rehabilitating programs administered by reputed orthopedics while adhering to high standards of care and medication.

Treatments Offered by Orthopedics Department

  • Administration of sports/work related injuries.
  • Arthroscopic surgery for knee including ortho-chondral osteo grafting and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
  • Surgeries for replacement of joints for knees, hips, and shoulders.
  • Treatment of ankle and elbow disorders.
  • Provide medical assistance to relieve pain and administer medicine for treatment of old age arthritis patients.
  • Surgeries for spine (prolapsed disc/ fixation).
  • Long bone fracture fixation.