Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine department of Lifecare Hospital Baniyas excels in delivering quality patient care. We focus our clinical activities towards delivering comprehensive care to prevent diseases. Our medical specialists treat hospitalized patients by effectively managing chronic disorders. Lifecare Hospital Baniyas continuously strives to provide evidence based care to patients. We serve the health care needs of a diverse patient demography.

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas has a dedicated team of physicians, registered nurses, and clinical nutritionists. Our internal medicine department offers range of treatments to patients including Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Airway Diseases, Gastric issues, Kidney problems, Rheumatic conditions, Cardiovascular illnesses, High Blood Pressure, and Hypertension.

Doctors routinely check patients by appointment. We also offer same day appointments and walk-in checkup facilities. There is an on-call physician available 24/7 to offer medical assistance in case of serious medical emergencies.

Services Offered by Internal Medicine Department

  • Routine consultation for heart related problems
  • Emergency services to handle extraordinary medical conditions
  • Overcome chronic health issues related to blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and migraine
  • Administration of vaccinations and immunizations
  • Diagnoses and management of disorders like metabolic syndrome, renal insufficiency, and thyroid disorders
  • Consultation for routine outpatients
  • Consultancy offered to other departments of Lifecare Hospital Baniyas
  • State of the art facilities for diagnosing different types of illnesses