General surgery

The general surgery department of Lifecare Hospital Baniyas consists of specialists from different departments. We have a highly competent team of professionals to perform even the most complex surgeries. Our team is always striving to provide best quality care to the patients involving careful pre-operation evaluation, in-patient consultation and post-operation recovery.

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas general surgery department performs hundreds of surgeries every month. Our operation theatres are equipped with the latest technology which allows surgeons to tackle even the most complicated cases. Similarly, post-operative care is very important, which is why our staff offers devoted patient care. A careful analysis helps us easily diagnose the problem and accordingly suggest if surgery is required or not.

Services Offered by General Surgery Department

  • Perform surgeries to remove lymph node biopsies, varicose surgery, and superficial lumps.
  • To help overcome acute surgical issues like appendectomy.
  • Surgical assistance to overcome anal conditions like anal fissure, piles, and perianal abscesses.
  • Circumcision surgery for all ages.
  • Surgical procedures for pilonidal sinus, hemorrhoid, and other ailments.
  • Surgery for hernia
  • Surgical treatment for gall stones
  • Problems of colon/rectal prolapsed surgery