Mission, Vision And Values

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas is driven by commitment and a drive to excel at delivering outstanding patient care. There are certain values which we hold very dear to ensure that we deliver outstanding patient care.

At Lifecare Hospital Baniyas we adhere to the shared below core values which act as guiding principles for Lifecare Hospital Baniyas.


A health facility can only become successful if it can relate to the pain and suffering of its patients. Lifecare Hospital Baniyas team feels the pain of its patients and works tirelessly to overcome it.


We set high ethical standards to build a relationship of everlasting trust. Therefore, every aspect of our operation is transparent for our patients and we hold ourselves accountable for the quality of care delivered.


Lifecare Hospital Baniyas is always striving to improve the quality of patient care through better technology integration, a professional approach and continuously innovate its health facilities.

Team Work

Lifecare Hospital Baniyas works as a team. We have a fully integrated approach aided by technology and implementation of internationally established healthcare best practices.


We work towards development of a safe working environment to ensure delivery of high quality patient care while providing a hazard free working environment for our employees.